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Chapters about love, untold stories

" Chapters about love, untold stories." is a serie about the love stories and examples i have had in my family. With every painting i reflect on a different love story. What is love ? What does love look and feel like? How do you show up in love? 

If you ask me, after delving into the stories portrayed, there is no simple answer to these questions. Love is a complex concept that changes and evolves depending on the context, the individual and one's healing journey. Love can look differently to you than it does to me. For now, my answer lies in finding and nurturing my spiritual being. It's about being present and aware within myself—my needs, emotions, and perhaps most importantly, my intuition. It's about moving in the direction of things and decisions that give me the energy I want to feel in my life. By doing so, I feel that I attract love into my life in all its various forms and shapes.



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