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Enhance your company events with a Paint & Heal workshops—email for an event pack!


Paint & heal : full moon edition 

A healing journey during the fullmoon. Participants will engage in a journaling session fitting to the particular fullmoon to explore their emotions and dreams. We share insights, pull cards and connect. This energy will then be translated into a self-portrait. This workshop is suitable for all levels, and no prior painting experience is needed.

Key Features:
-Talk about the meaning of the fullmoon, and particular sign the moon is in.
  - Journaling session to connect with the self, emotions and dreams.
  - Card pulling to connect with intuition.
  - Self-portrait painting.
  - Emphasis on self-care and introspection.
  - Focus on intuitive, expressive painting rather than technical skills.


 investment € 55

Date TBA

Snacks, drinks and materials included

Event calendar
August 9 at Fiercely.fem event, Tolhuistuin Amsterdam.
August 29 at Focus body & soul, Delft.



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